Track My Order

An email with tracking information will be sent to your email inbox once your package has been shipped.

If you cannot find such email, you might want to look into your spam or promotion inbox.

Feel free to shoot us an email ( if you have any questions or you can’t find such email.

The overall shipping process consists of two parts.

Phase 1: Engraving & Quality Assurance

Your dog collar(s) will first get engraved at our partnered laser engraving center. The dog collar(s) will then go through the relative assurance process before entering the second shipping phase (handled by USPS).

Regarding the status of the engraving phase, you can track it on or the tracking box above

Once the package arrives in the States, the shipping status shown on the above website will be like this:

This indicates that your package has officially entered the second shipping phase.

Phase 2: U.S. Domestic Shipping

From now on, USPS, our partnered shipping carrier, will begin to handle your package. You will see some messages like “Your package is on its way to a USPS facility” or “USPS Currently Awaiting Package” on the USPS website.

The shipping status on the USPS website will get updated once USPS sorts your package, and you will receive your package in a short period.

We hope your furry friend will love the new collar 🙂